Including a unity candle during your wedding ceremony is a growing trend and it represents the union of two people or the two families becoming one. It is not known exactly when this custom began, and there are no real rules to govern how you decide to have the ceremony.


There are two taper candles and one pillar candle called the unity candle which make up this ceremony. Typically two chosen people, light the two taper candles at the beginning of the ceremony, and later the bride and groom take the two taper candles, and join flames to light the large unity candle together, creating a stronger and brighter flame. This symbolises the strong unity gained by marriage. Some couples then extinguish their taper candles and leave beside the unity candle or they may leave the candle lit to represent that each other has not lost their individuality.


Some couples choose to have their families light the taper candles, or couples who have children, often ask their children to light the taper candles. Grandparents may get involved, or you may simply want to light the candles yourselves, It is really up to the individual. You may also have more than two taper candles if you wish other family members to be included.


The taper candles may be lit at the beginning of the ceremony, and the lighting of the unity candle to follow later, although keep in mind that if you have a long wedding ceremony the tapers will melt down. You may choose to have the unity ceremony between the exchange of vows and the formal declaration of marriage.


Check with your minister of house of worship before planning it in your script, and if they do not allow the unity ceremony, included it as part of your reception, before the toast.


Traditionally wedding candles are white, with the front of the taper candles having the individual bride and grooms names and the unity candle having the family name, and date of your wedding. You are welcome to have a special message, poem, quote or prayer. on the reverse. Each candle set may be decorated to suit your colours and themes.


As each love story is unique, we believe that your candle should reflect your individuality, and so we invite you to choose how you would like your candles to look.





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Our wedding candles are made by Australians in Australia, using food grade paraffin wax which does not contain sulfurs, metals or lacquers. and they have excellent quality cotton wicks to reduce the smoke and soot release when burning. These candles are of high quality.


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