We only charge a minimum of $15 for the first 15 minutes of our time when we are working on your artwork. Then it is a rate of $15 per half hour thereafter. Once your work is completed we will provide you with a link via email to view your photos on our web site (that is available for you only) and when you are happy, we will email you the completed copy, or supply it on disc, and post to you. ( a disc will incur an addition charge)


Let us take care of the photo processing for you as well for 45 cents per 4x6inch print. (minimum 25 prints)


Photos may also have a personalised postcard label attached to the back with your printed or left blank for $2.40 each plus postage. They arrive to your door already assembled and ready to address and post! Size is 10cm x 14cm.


Just a friendly reminder, we do not work on photographs taken by professionals unless you have written consent due to copyright laws.


please email hello@thepapercafe.com.au