From beautifully ornate to the simple three letter designs, monograms have become a popular way to identify and personalise wedding stationery, personal letters, linen and other items.

Dating back centuries the Greeks used monograms to recognize leaders on their coins, and in later times during the Victorian period, the amount of detail in monograms reflected the place in society for high class people. Today, the monogram has resurfaced, and it is just as much about personal expression as identification.

The most common monogram consists of three letters, the first, middle and last initial of each name. The first initial of the first name at the beginning, the the initial of the surname in the centre, and lastly the initial of the middle name. The surname initial is generally larger.


example: John Mark Brown


If the monogram were to have the initials in order of the name it would be of the same size.


example: Joan Mary Smith

Or business monograms could be:


example: The Paper Cafe


And in some cases, a single letter is used as a monogram , popular for linen and personal stationery.


example: Joan Mary Smith
example: John Mark Brown


Married couple monograms usually consist of the wife's first name initial, followed by the family surname, which is larger, and then husbands first initial.


example: Joan Mary Smith married to John Mark Brown




When guided by etiquette, wedding invitations are said to have the brides monogram printed, and after the couple have joined together in marriage, the new "married" monogram is revealed on the reception stationery. However these days, it is of personal preference and the first initial of the surname representing the new couple may be used.



There are many design available when choosing a monogram for your wedding stationery, from classic victorian style, to the more contemporary style. You may have your full names including graphics, dates and designs which reflect you as a couple.


Monograms may be used on your full wedding stationery including ceremonial candles.




Imagine beginning your sons, or daughters monogram from when they are very small. They may carry the personal design with them through life, on there stationery, linen and personal belongings. Girls glory boxes are a tradition which is phasing out, but having some keepsakes for them to treasure is a wonderful gift.




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