Reply Cards and Wishing Well Cards


"Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall." Confucius


Reply Cards


Reply cards are a great way for your guests to reply easily and efficiently, and usually come with an addressed envelope, so all your guests need to do is fill in their details and post. They may be a simple, elegant or creative as you like. Here are some examples...

Extra cards may be presented in invitation pockets or simply place inside the main envelope with your invitation.

Wishing Well Cards


These days many brides and grooms have most of what they need to set up their home, and may wish to suggest a donation towards a honeymoon, charity or to help purchase something a little more substantial. Personal feelings towards wishing wells are mixed, however you may express what you would like in a poem like manner so it does not sound demanding. Many guests understand this desicion, and are happy to help with your request. Below are some ideas...
Bird Cage White



Wishing Well Bird Cages are available to hire. Please click here




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